• Falling in Love (or How I know I am a genius) (part 1)

    I never actually talk on the phone. This must have been a very very serious conversation I was having.

    A year ago I was just starting to date someone I met from OkCupid. It was my first attempt at dating in over 14 months. If you don’t already know, I had one of those breakups that rips your chest open, grips your heart, and chokes the life from it. But, here’s the thing, it wasn’t the first breakup like // Read more Read more…

  • Pavlov’s Dog


    An excerpt from Eat Pray Love, Elizabeth Gilbert: “The Indians around here tell a cautionary fable about a great saint who was always surrounded in his Ashram by loyal devotees. For hours a day, the saint and his followers would meditate on God. The only problem was that the saint had a young cat, an annoying creature, who used to // Read more Read more…

  • The First Time


    I grew up with a father that played bass guitar in a rock band. I don’t know if that instantly gives me cool points or if I should just put on a wife beater and go eat peanut butter out of a jar. As a kid I didn’t think much of it, other than on Thursday nights the band would // Read more Read more…

  • I’m Not Creative

    not creative

    I am not creative. This is going to sound 1 of 2 ways to you. 1) Like the most ridiculous thing you have ever read and like I am fishing for compliments. – If you are someone reading a blog, that is not only written by me but contains drawings by me, someone that also performs improv, plays many instruments and owns a // Read more Read more…

  • How Birth Control Works

    Notice how I didn't age really from 29 to 37?

    I have a degree in Biology. It totally makes me capable of discussing these sciencey topics with you. I now know exactly how birth control works and I am ready to impart this knowledge. You’re welcome. I decided around 29 years old that I wasn’t ready to have kids.  My husband said he wanted to have a kid that year. I said // Read more Read more…


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